Summerhill Folly Ceilidh Band takes its name from a folly in Blaydon on Tyne, The area where most of the band came from at the time of its formation. Summerhill Folly Ceilidh Band was formed as a scratch band as a  result of a very popular local band failing to turn  up. When this was repeated for a higher offer Summerhill Folly Ceilidh Band was formed.

Summerhill Folly Ceilidh Band will always turn up or,in extreme circumstances, find a replacement.

Many of Summerhill Folly Ceilidh Band were members of the famous Trent House ceilidh band.

Summerhill Folly Ceilidh Band has been together for over thirty years, with the same musicians.

The band consists of Norman on fiddle and whistle, Ethan on lead fiddle, John on banjo and accordion, Terry on guitar and Dave doing the calling. Occasionally, when need arises the band is complimented by another Dave on mandolin and fiddle.

Dave is the caller and treats each dance as fun and not a workshop for experts. Making mistakes is part of the fun and the learning curve.

Prices are very competitive and depend upon travel, playing times and event. Dave will be more than happy to discuss your needs.

Summerhill Folly has its own PA which is regularly PAT tested and Public Liability of £5 million.

Ceilidhs are an ideal entertainment for Weddings as they help people meet each other in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

CONTACT - or 07967198430